Local area connection unplugged

By Stacey
Jan 3, 2007
  1. I have not posted before, so I hope I am doing it correctly. My computer has a bubble that keeps appearing Local area connection unplugged. I am online and have checked all connections and everything seems fine. I use Internet Explorer with Optonline ethernet. Any suggestions.:confused:
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Stacey and welcome to the TS Forum, yes your post is ok and in the right place..

    The message you are getting is caused by windows saying that an active network connection has no cable plugged into it.

    The cause may be because you have more than 1 ethernet connection such as a wired Ethernet socket, a Wireless ethernet connection, and lastly a USB ethernet connection.

    You dont say which you are using at present, but if you click


    You will see a list of available network connections, one will show "network cable unplugged, or there may be more than one, again dependant on what the system has.

    On the one showing cable unplugged, right click it and choose "Disable", this will tell the OS to stop looking at it.


    This message can also appear if the active internet connection has a faulty cable or the input socket is faulty, disabling the interface may cause you to lose internet connection if this happens you need to check the cable that plugs into the socket for loose wires and replace if needed.
  3. Stacey

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    Thank you for answering, Ididmyc600. I have only one connection on internet connections and it seems okay. I will check it again though and the ethernet connection wire. Thanks so much.
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