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Lock Up problems!!@#!

By DeadeyeKnight16
Jul 3, 2007
  1. Computer Setup

    Motherboard: Gigabyte, S-Series 945GZM-S2
    Processor: Intel Duo 2, 3600(I believe) Duel 1.8 gig
    Harddrive: Western Digital 140 gig SATA
    Ram: 2x, Kingston 1gb PC2 Pin DIMM
    Video Card: Geforce 8500gt, 256 mb, DDR3
    Other Devices: Linksys WMP 300 Wireless Ethernet /w external antenna
    CDROM: Memorx 52x/16x
    Standard ATX /w 350 watt power supply
    Other: Another 120mm cooling fan.

    OS: Windows XP SP2 Home Edition.

    Scenario: I build this computer with a friend of mine about a week ago. After a few hours of using, it decided to keep locking up on me (very spratically). At this time I only was running 1x Kingston 1gb ram, and on-board video card from the motherboard. I figured that it was just the games I was playing were too graphic entense (games: Everquest 2, Americas Army). Before putting in a new geforce 2, and another gig of ram, we ran a diagnostics program that runs out of windows and checks each individual section of the computer ie: motherboard, cdrom, HD, processor. I am no computer techy, but everything in the BIOS and in windows seemed to be running fine. No faults with devices, temp was 43-45C. After running the program, It did find that my CDROM did have an error, I figured that was the problem and disconnect it, and deselected it from my BIOS. After installing the new gfx card and another gig of ram, I started up my games (wow what a difference in graphics, and playing speed). After about 5 minutes of idle game playing it decided to lock up again. I rebooted my computer, 5 minutes into windows it locked up. Then opon loading safe defaults lock up again for the third time. I am totally in the dark, I am clueless to what the problem is! If anybody could shine some light my way I would greatly appreciate it.

    My friend and I could only deduct that it might be my power supply?

    There was no minimum requirements for the motherboard but we called gigabyte and they said that 320 watts was enough to run the board correctly. The video card recommends a 450-watt power supply. Could this be my problems? How probable is this? I dont want to buy a ninty dollar power supply and not fix the lock ups.

    Thanks for you time,
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    You may benefit from a better power supply... depends on brand and model of what yu have... but usually a power supply not cause freezes... did the freezes occur after times of high intensity video graphics runs? But if it runs ok with regular internet, and office processes, then reluctantly runs when on games.... you need more power supply and perhaps memory.
    You have an excellent motherboard, pretty good optical drive, pretty good video graphics, limited memory... but I am not experienced with that cpu... nor have I read about one.
    I would like to know how CPU fan and thermal paste enter into this picture, as you did not discuss them.
  3. DeadeyeKnight16

    DeadeyeKnight16 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you talking about my fan speeds? I dont know what termal paste is either, can you elaborate?
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