Locked out of computer - possible hijack?

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Dec 30, 2005
  1. I cannot get into my desktop. When I rebooted my computer last week it said that the domain (my name) was not available. I used the password reset disk and changed my password. I used this password and it still won't let me in. I pressed F8 and went under Adminstrator into safe mode with networking. Unfortunately, I cannot access the internet with this mode. Someone told me my desktop was most likely "compromised" (hijacked) How do I get into my desktop?

    I have run Adaware, SPybot, Norton Spyware, firewall, PC Doctor and McAffee. I have run all of them and they all seem to be clean except Spybot caught the Huntbar. What can I do? I have many files that I can't access and I need them.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Strange, you should be able to access internet in safe mode with network support. As for your logon problem, in windows safe mode as administrator, try going to control panel, then go to users, click your regular user then click remove password.

    Also check the system is set not to log onto some domain. In control panel, click the system icon, then click the computer name tab, click the change button, where it says member of... make sure the workgroup is selected and not domain.

    Good luck.
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    THanks for your reply. I did change to "remove password" and when I rebooted it still asked me for a password and I couldn't get in! WHen I go back into it to "remove password" it looks like it has already been done but not when I reboot!

    When I looked at "computer name changes" it has my workgroup as MSHOME. Is that what it should be?

    I actually am not online with my desktop. I have a laptop that I use for school and I'm online with it.

    I downloaded MWAV MicroWorld Anti Virus and Spyware to a memory stick on my laptop and put it in my desktop. It showed that I had some spyware (that other things didn't pick up) and a Trojan virus. Are there any freeware virus clean up that I can use? Norton and Spybot didn't pick these up like MicroWorld did. I really don't want to spend the $60 that they require to clean up my viruses!

    Thanks for your help!

  4. gooderguy

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    That is kinda wierd. Well, you can try a couple of other things. The thing is, in safe mode, you won't be able to install an antivirus program cause the installer won't run in safe mode.

    But if you go back to safe mode, in control panel again, in users and add yourself a new user and see if you can then log onto windows normal mode with that new username.

    And if you want a pretty good free antivirus, try the AVG Free Antivirus, download and install it http://free.grisoft.com/softw/70free/setup/avg71free_371a669.exe

    If you download it from a different system and put it on a memory stick, also get the updates http://files2.grisoft.cz/softw/70/update/u7avi6849i.bin

    Hopefully you will be able to logon windows normal mode with the new username, install AVG, then press F9 in AVG to do updates and select FOLDER for update location and navigate to wherever you have that u7avi6849i.bin file.

    I suggest you go back to safe mode to do a full virus scan as much less stuff is loaded and it's easier for AVG to remove some viruses in safe mode as viruses sometimes don't load when you're in safe mode.

    Also if you are able to log onto normal mode in that new user, you can try accessing your documents from the other user. Go to MY COMPUTER and navigate to C:\documents and settings\"original username"\ and from there you should be able to access your documents folder along with the desktop folder and favorites. If access is denied for whatever reason follow the following steps to take ownership of the other user folder http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308421&sd=tech

    Either way, it really sounds like your regular user got either hacked into or just plain messed up and creating a new one might be your best bet.

    Hopefully this works for you.
  5. DragonFury

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    ultimaetly it would be faster and easier to redo win xp full format and reinstall ... if safe mode doesnt work and u cant do anything in normal mode sounds like u gotten a serious lil bug in it and the best coarse of action is to redo comp ....
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