Logitech cordless config problem

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Feb 25, 2002
  1. I've had this cordless, optical mouse for a couple months now. I really like it. Sometimes when I use the scroll button I find that an accessability option has been ticked so that turning the mouse wheel causes the screen to magnify or reduce depending on which direction the wheel is turned. My question is which key on the keyboard is the 'hot key' that ticks on this feature. It seems to enable and disable itself whenever. Kinda creepy, like our ghost in the old posts:eek: . Late at night I feel like the board is haunted and the ghost in this old house has failing eye sight.
    :rolleyes: Well not really....but...
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    You might want to goto the Control Panel, and click on Mouse. In there somewhere is where you setup all the buttons. If you have extra buttons(to go forward or back in the browser). This is where you change that, and I think I remember seeing an option for the wheel to magnify. Not too sure though, as it was a buddy's computer. Try that and get back to me and let me know if that works.
  3. Arris

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    Never had that problem with my logitech cordless optical mouse.
    Quite strange. I'll have a look at the software and play about with it when I go home this evening...;)
  4. bedlam_4

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    I think the software and or hardware is just buggy. I had this occur three times and really liked the effect but I can't duplicate it.
    You may notice that there are at least 50 different configurations for the mouse. I couldn't find any that enable the wheel to magnify the screen. I wish I could figure it out. It was a sweet feature while it lasted.
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    Ever tried to use Logitech without the drivers? All keyboards are PS/2 compatibe and might require a different mouse setting in Windows. However, the software should not make any troubles but this way you can determine it's hardware or not. And call Logitech. They talk you trough all this.
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