Logitech MX 1000 - First Laser Mouse!

By david5182
Aug 30, 2004
  1. The successor to the now legendary MX 700 has been revealed.



    * MX Laser Engine provides 20 x times the tracking power of optical

    * a built-in lithium-ion battery & rapid-charging base station

    * Fast RF cordless delivers cordless performance that equals USB corded connection

    * New thumb-button controls include universal page forward and back buttons and application switch to quickly move between open windows

    * Illuminated 4-level batt indicator precisely monitors batt strength

    * Wheel tilts for side-to-side scrolling, zoom with a click of the wheel

    * Cruise Control rocker for speed scrolling up and down

    * Deep-sculpted thumb support for incredible comfort, outside finger grips enhance control

    In case my trusty MX 700 breaks, I will without a doubt get MX 1000.
  2. david5182

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  3. dragonpac

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    now will the keyboard be compatible with the base station from the 1000???
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