Logitech Quickcam audio issues

By Razorknife
Feb 5, 2005
  1. Having trouble when video conferencing with my Logitech Quickcam. The speakers emmit a high pitched squeel. I was thinking feedback maybe, but problem still remains when I move my speakers a couple feet away from the cam. Help/advice appreciated! :confused:
  2. homeseller100

    homeseller100 TS Rookie

    High pitch resonance sound in mic

    I have the same problem. I have looked over the entire Logitech forum with no success. First, let me list the system I have. I am using a Dell M70 Notebook with a Port Replicator. I have tried the QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe, then the QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, and finally the Pro 4000 ConferenceCam. All have the same problem. The video is fine, but even with my mic volume set as low as it will go, I still get the problem, however, with lowering the volume it doesn't start as bad. It seems that when you speak, it creates a small, but high pitch sound that begins to resonate until your windows crack. I have tried the Audio/Video tuner, and as I mentioned, you have to have your mic volume as low as possible for it to even work for a bit. I tried using a headphone/mic set. That helped with the squelching noise, but I still had the echo of myself speaking. I tried using the internal mic in my monitor, and that proved to be the best solution (but still an echo).....yes, I unchecked the "headphone" box in the tuner to activate the acoustic echo software, but that didn't do anything. Also, my cam and mic are plugged directly into the notebook so they don't go through any passthroughs like the port replicator. Still looking for a solution. Anyone...please help!
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