Logitech's new Master Series keyboards and mouse cut down on the clatter

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The big picture: Logitech has expanded its popular Master Series with the addition of two new mechanical keyboards and the new MX Master 3S mouse. According to the peripheral maker, the new boards are its quietest mechanical offerings to date and the new mouse is said to be 90 percent quieter than its predecessor.

The full-size MX Mechanical and compact MX Mechanical Mini ship standard with low-profile tactile quiet (brown) switches. Both can also be configured with clicky (blue) or linear (red) switches should you choose.

The boards also come equipped with smart backlighting that adjusts brightness based on ambient light and turns the lights off when not needed to conserve battery life. Speaking of, battery life is rated for up to 15 days on a full charge or up to 10 months if you're willing to disable the backlight. Both can be recharged using a USB-C cable.

The MX Master 3S, meanwhile, packs an 8,000 DPI optical sensor that works on most surfaces including glass. Logitech said mouse clicks are 90 percent quieter compared to the MX Master 3, and the MagSpeed Electromagnetic wheel is capable of zipping through 1,000 lines in one second flat. There's also a side scroll wheel for enhanced horizontal navigation.

All three new products feature Bluetooth connectivity and Logitech's proprietary Logi Bolt wireless tech, and can connect with up to three different devices across a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, iPadOS, Linux and Chrome OS.

Pricing is set at $169.99 for the MX Mechanical keyboard and $149.99 for the smaller Mini variant, while the MX Master 3S commands $99. All are available from today over on Logitech's website.

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Love the 75% keyboards I use one as my main so always good to see them. The issue here is that I paid 30 bucks for mine: I really don't see Logi offering 5x more value than what I've got already and even if I wanted to spend a lot more on better switches, well mine is hot swap keys too so I can probably just buy a key set with whatever fancier switches I'd want for less than 150.

Can't complain about the mice though: MX Anywhere 3 is really one of the best for what I wanted which is both RF and Bluetooth multi device on a quality mouse (I've used the cheaper chinese ones before but unlike the keyboards those *are* prone to malfunction in my experience)

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I do love Logitech keyboards and mice... but... "90% quieter"? How many people have been complaining about the "loudness" of their keyboards?


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Alternate headline: Moribund company half-assedly adds trendy "mechanical" keyboard to decrepit product line