Long boot time (3-5min) unless USB unistalled

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I have a problem on a Intel P4 3.4 Ghz Winxp pc. It takes between 3-5min to boot up. It goes fine untill after Winxp screen, blue light goes through twice, then black screen for 2-4 min. Then no welcome screen, just desktop and all works fine. No errors. I had other USB related issues though, and when I uninstalled all USB devices in Device Manager, the system booted up under a minute, showed welcome screen! Of course winXP continued to install USB devices again.... back to very slow boot.

I will try the newest drivers and utils for mobo.... I assume this is USB driver issue. Any other ideas? :hotouch:


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Have you tried pluggging it into other ports or using a ps2 adaptor so that it isn't plugged into USB?


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I could try that. Do you thing it's the keyboard that is stuffing me around? I was thinking motherboard, USB controller.....


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are you running any anti-virus? specially norton's?
find out from start up what processes run?
enter: msconfig
click on start up tab
anything that shouldn't be there?
you may also try to disable the following services in control panel / admintools / services:
computer browser
human interface device access
network dde
network dde dsdm
routing and remote access and
indexing service



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No internet on this PC, so no anti virus.

I have cleaned up the startup, still the same problem.

I will stop the services you mentioned and try again.
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