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Mar 11, 2006
  1. Ok, so i'm not knowlegable as far as wireless networking goes, and really that not exactly what i want to do. Basically, my friend lives to far out in the country (mabye 1/2 to 1 mile), and i need a way to broadcast internet all the way to his house, but keep it reasonably secure. Was thinking a budget $200-$300...so is this possible?, thank guys :)...

    1. need to broadcast connection at least 1/2 mile

    2.can spend $200-$300

    3.will have 3 mb connection(dsl).
  2. Frank Smith

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    Yes, I'm sure you can... using the new MIMO router system and then do a search for cantenna... with a little research you can do what you want and stay within your $$$ range.
  3. N3051M

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    you maybe able to get your hands on some repeaters? but i dont realy know how you'd be able to power them......

    otherwise construct yourself a big metal object structure on a high surface to act as a directional antenna booster, puting your wifi AP under it.... it has been done before, just cant remember where i saw it...... and aparently you can use this technique to boost a failing mobile phone signal or anything radio (aluminium foil in a bowl of some sorts pointing at the nearest radio tower is the most common one..)
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    You can build directional attennas that work best by line of sight. There are tons of articles on the internet. You could build them cheaply and they range from the simple to the complex.

    The "cantenna" is made from a pringles can.
  6. Frank Smith

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    I see you glanced at the article... but never read it. We were making antenna before Pringles came about..
  7. s3xynanigoat

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    There is a software called Wildcat WebServer 6.1, it allows you to take incoming calls from outside computers using a modem, and then they can share your internet connection from there. IE they can use your broadband after dialing into your computer. Both computers need modems and yours would need a NIC and internet connection as well.
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