Long time random BSOD problem

So I've had this issue for a year or so and have tried many things including about 3 different win10 re-installs. I was finally able to get a minidmp file to save and uploaded it here.
Usually INTERRUPT_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED ntoskrnl.exe and I've also seen something like 'KMode Exception Not handled'
7700k @ 4.8ghz 1.35vcore
evga 2080ti
16gb 3200mhz ram, memtest for 12+ hours, no errors.
corsair rm750i psu
500gb ssd
3tb and 8tb storage sata drives, both 0% frag

It's really random.. most of the time it's when I'm asleep. I'll wake up and notice apps are open, indicating a full restart and then I check the task manager and sure enough it's only been up for a short while even though I left it on all night. I've been playing some borderlands and borderlands 2 recently so it's happened maybe once or twice in game, but not too often. It also happens when I'm browsing google, using chrome, etc. Nothing really stands out as as a trigger, just pretty random. Some times my computer can last several days with no issues, other times BSOD a few times a day but usually quite a few hours in between.

I've been googling the error for about an hour or two and have done this multiple times within the last year or so.. but ultimately leading nowhere.
I was hoping somebody could diagnose my dump file and see if there is some driver that may be causing this. or perhaps hardware?



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I am going to need to start reading minidumps again. Ntoskrnl.exe is the kernel of the operating system. But a lot of times it is either caused by out of date drivers, new drivers installed that need to be rolled back, or hardware. Here are a few questions:
1. Did you update all drivers recently especially graphics drivers?
2. Have you experienced any power surges?
3. What security software are you running and have you run a security scan to see if you have a possible infection?
4. Is your RAM set properly?
5. How is your airflow/tempts?

However, my first suspicion is your RAM (memory) might be corrupted because of the randomness as bad memory is notorious for causing this behavior. I know you ran it for 12 hours but how many Passes did it run? The minimum is 10 but I have seen it do as much as 15 or more before the first error showed up.