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By rskjackson
Sep 20, 2006
  1. I guess I have two problems, so sorry if I should put these in seperate threads, but they may be related now.
    I have a P-III, 800 mgz, with 512 Ram...running on Windows ME.
    I have a DVD-drive and a Cd-writer, which hasn't been working. I've tried several combinations with jumper settings and the ribbon cable, but I either get the cd-rw to work for a little while, but then on a re-start, neither of the drives show up. I can use the DVD by itself fine, so I guess the cd-rw is going bad?
    After fooling around inside the computer with the above adjustments...now when I go to start a game (tried three last night...EA Sports MVP 2005 and Madden 2005, plus Battlefield 1942) I get the intro screen fine, but then when it goes to start the game, it takes a looooooooong time to load...and at times it won't. Funny thing on two occasions, I just took the cd out of the drive, hit escape and the game started, without the cd in place. I tried my daughters Sims 2 and it worked as normal.
    Any ideas on what's going on? I know I haven't given as much info as anyone may need, but I don't even know where to start with this. The problem with the game loading has just started the past couple of days.
    I fear a corrupt registry file?
  2. steve_sarge

    steve_sarge TS Rookie

    Unfortunately, a P3 800 is getting a little long in the tooth for todays gaming situations. I would suggest that an upgrade may be in order to play these demanding games. If your computer plays them nicely after the time it takes to load, you may simply need to upgrade your processor to get up and running at a more substantial speed. This can be cheap enough to warrant doing.

    As for the CD / DVD jumper settings, try to use the CD Writer on its own. If it works, it should be ok. in this instance, You would probably prefer the DVD as a slave and CD as a MASTER. Set the little jumper on the back on the drives as I have pictured roughly below, (The I indicates the jumper in place, and the : indicates the little pins, without a jumper on them. the pin orientation is as you are looking at the rear of the drives.)

    DVD config should be (as a SLAVE) :I:

    CD config should be (as MASTER) ::I

    I hope this helps (and I hope I'm right). the ribbon and connectors should plug in as normal.

    Good luck
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