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By Karmashock
Jan 26, 2007
  1. I'm looking for a backup program that will not pack files into anything more complicated or unusual then a zip file. I'd prefer if it didn't pack them at all and simply maintained the directory structure in a different place.

    It doesn't need to be complicated... basically what I'm looking for is a program that copies a directory to a different location with a folder name that includes the date it was copied. I'd like it to do perhaps a month's worth of backups before it writes over old backups.

    Additionally, I'm wondering if the same program would have a hard time also backing up the most recent backup to a thumbdrive automatically. There would be perhaps three different thumb drives that would be exchanged at about once a day. That is TD(A) is in the computer and is backed up to, it is taken out later that day and replaced with TD(B) which is backed up to the next day automatically. I'm asking that long as the thumb drives are given the same drive letter there shouldn't be a problem, right?

    The logic behind this is that I don't want to worry about restoration software when I'm accessing a backup. Furthermore these backups might be used at some point to sync information between different computers. I know this will mean that my files will take up more space then if they were packed... but that's really not important in this situation.

    Does anyone know of a good backup program that can handle this? I'd prefer something free and or cheap... but I'd spring for something expensive if that's the only way to do it... I'm only wary of spending money on it because the operation seems extremely simple. It is literally a scheduled copy and rename by date program.
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