Looking for a Case And PSU

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Nov 26, 2007
  1. hi there, i am lookin for a case that is big enough for 2 8800 ultras and has suitable cooling.

    i am also looking for a psu that will run the two 8800 ultras in full 16x SLI

    my budget is around £150 - $300 USD

    any recomendation would be very nice!
  2. Mirob

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    Is there a reason that you are going to run two Ultra's in SLI other than prestige?? You really don't need two of those beasts. Plus the heat and power requirements are pretty high. You'll need a psu rated at at least 800-1000 watts to safely run them. It doesn't matter what the requirements on the box state. When the cards are taxed, they are real pigs.
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    Get a known brand of power supply that has been around for a long time. Wattage means nothing, really. Amperate makes the difference. Avoid house brands. Sometimes a 450 or 500 watt power supply is a better choice than the higher rated ones... They are all now part of the high profit aftermarket.
    All but one power supply manufacturer are now found in one province in China. You have to look at the UL number to know who made the unit. Even some of the famed PC Power and Cooling power supplies are now made for them in China.
    There are now many reviews available online, and in such mags as CPU, MaximumPC, and so on.
    All power supplies can fail. You want to avoid the cheap brands because they are more likely to emit spurious responses that can instantly destroy a motherboard.
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    In my signature I have a link to a site that has the best and worse PSUs listed. Check it out, it may help you to decide what to get.
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    If you read farther down on the site some people did say that there needed to be some changes to the list. But if your not good with PSUs (like myself) then this list helps a bit to decide which ones are better than others. Some may be in wrong categories but its not to big a deal. Its only to help decide what one to get then you could post which PSU you are thinking of and people on here can say what they think of it.
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