Looking for a simple video card

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So because of what's going on with my computer in this thread I think I might possibly be needing a new video card.

I don't really use my computer for gaming other than like...the Harry Potter games, basic Windows games, and occasional forays into RO and a couple other MMORPG's. And really, if the card I get can't even support those I don't really care anyway.

My budget is cheap as possible. Preferably under $50 and all I really want is a card that'll last awhile and be nice and simple. I REALLY don't care about awesome graphics or anything.

I don't really understand the stuff about the power supply, but it's a Shuttle XPC PSU Upgrade. And for DC Output Voltage it says +12VCD over 16A And +5VSB over 2A.

Motherboard: Shuttle FS51
Graphic Interface: I'm afraid I don't know what that means
Memory: DDR 512GB and the channels thing is blank
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
CPU Speed: 2397MH
Power Supply: I already explained previously

I'm in the US.

Thank you so much!


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Oh, okies, thanks. That's the one that my current card is in too. This forum is so handy for learning more computer stuff. O.o


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The card Rage_3K_Moiz suggested will do fine.

I have an ati 9600 in my pc and it works well for its price.
It wont run some of the newest games but that doesnt bother me as i rarely play games on my pc, i use my trusty old xbox for that.:)
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