Looking For A Video Card For My Intel D865perll Mobo

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Feb 1, 2005
  1. I have just purchased this great mobo. I want the most compatible video card I can get for around $220.00. Can anyone who has this mobo give me any ideas. I have heard of so many problems with the newer ATI boards. What works for you and why?
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    I know there are a few of these mobo out there...What are you using for a video card
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    I've have my 865PERL for about 14 months, and recently upgraded from a 64mb MX440 to a 256mb ATI X800Pro. It's an AGPx8 card and takes full advantage of the Mobo's AGP slot. It's a screamer now. Good luck!!
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    I too have a Intel D865PERL MB. I ended getting an Nvidia GeForce Fx5200 128MB AGP.

    Hey GoAvalanche,

    I too have a Intel D865PERL mobo with a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz CPU, and am quite impressed with its performance compared to my old retired Pentium 1 200Mhz MMX system built up from a Tyan Tomcat3 mobo for its time(96'/97') it was the best system I had ever built. But seven years later, it was time to part it out for retirement. Many of it's components are in my new system though.

    Anyway, maybe this won't be much worth to you info-wise as I get the impression you're more of a "gamer" than I am. I have one game on my machine. Activision's 98' re-make of Battlezone. I'm more of a power user in the area of Graphics and computer based Video Production, 3D Animation, MPEG encoding, etc. I ended up buying from CompUSA a "Mad Dog" x8 AGP card. Officially it's a Nvidia GeForce Fx5200 chipset with 128MB DDR VRAM. Quite adequate for my needs. This was a jump for me considering my prior graphics cards were a Nvidia TNT Riva 32MB PCI, and an old
    Matrox Millenium 1 PCI with 8MB of VRAM.

    The image quality for graphics and video imaging with the 128MB card is the best I have ever had to date. So it's good enough for me. For you, I would seek a higher-end gaming card with 256MB VRAM. I'll warn you they get expensive. Also to keep your card running at peak performance, get the driver updated as Nvidia or ATI come out with new driver revisions frequently during the years.

    Good Luck,

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