Looking for help

By Adzman21
Jul 24, 2005
  1. Hey All,

    I've just joined up and am looking for some expert advice, hopefully from a hijack this mastermind. A while back (year or two) i had a massive prob with my pc, did a bit of research on the net and ended up submitting a hijack this log to a forum, luckily they were very helpful and told me how to correct my ways which worked out perfectly and I had no probs.

    Recently my pc has decided to start playing up again and ive tried numerous little things i have read on various forums to mend the prob but to no success. I was wandering if anyone would be able to analyse my hijack this log to interept what the problem/s might be? Anyhelp or advice would be much appreciated. Its prob down to the fact that ive been installing stuff and downloading stuff which has corrupted the poor pc.

    If there is anyone that can help, please reply so I can email/post my hijack this log.

    Thanks in advance

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