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Jul 5, 2006
  1. Hello,
    I recently RMA'd my evga 7800gt for major artifacting problems to newegg. They no longer have this card and are offering me the BFG 7800GT
    link here
    as a replacement. As an alternative, I can get $280 back and look for another card. I am just looking for some advice as to what to do.

    I was happy with my evga7800 until it failed. Now I have a new widescreen monitor (1600x1050 native) that I haven't even gotten to try yet because it came on the same day I sent my video card back. So I want to make sure that whatever I get will run this monitor without any problems. I would expect the BFG to run it OK...can anyone confirm this? I also like the VIVO feature, but would consider a card without it if you think it's worth it.

    I was also considering sticking with EVGA because of their supposedly good customer support, but it looks like it's a gamble to get a 7900 these days, so I may go with the BFG. Plus, according to newegg's pricing, it looks like I'd be getting the best bang for my buck by doing a direct exchange for the BFG...7900GT's list for $230 and up after rebates, and the BFG 7800GT is $299. Not sure if price is the best indication of value here though. I also don't want to wait a few weeks for the 7900 problems to be resolved.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


    Relevant system specs:
    CPU: AMD 3700 (939)
    Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI
    PSU: Antec TP-II 550
    Monitor: BenQ 20.1" widescreen (Analog/DVI)
  2. paranoid guy

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    I'd be tempted to take the money and go after a 7900gt, I see one here for $236 after rebate, and you might as well get a better card. Dunno about the whole vivo thig though, what's it for? I'm guessing you just want the card to play games?
  3. JohnK93

    JohnK93 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 44

    I am tempted to go for the 7900, especially given the low cost of them. I've been reading about the very high defect rate on these, which has yet to be resolved, so there's a good chance I'd get a bad one and have to RMA again. Now I've nearly lost the savings in shipping costs. I get the impression it'll be at least a week before nvidia ships the corrected 7900's, and newegg won't have them from evga for a few weeks. It is tempting though.

    I use VIVO for capturing old videos from my VCR (or any analog source). The other way to do this is through a digital camcorder into the firewire port, so I could live without it.

    Thanks for your input!

  4. paranoid guy

    paranoid guy TS Rookie Posts: 420

    I didn't know there was a high defect rate in 7900gt's but newegg is a good site, I doubt they'd sell you anything dodgy. If you are interested in games, I think you should get a 7900gt, if you aren't really into games, I'd say take the 7800gt.
  5. Mirob

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