Looking for the best heatsink&fan LGA775

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Sep 16, 2007
  1. I am in search for the best heatsink and fan for my LGA775 Socket Everywhere I look just compares 2 and don't compare a top group, And all I been getting is people telling me to go with water, But that is not what I am looking for. I want Air only, so far I am looking at 2 heatsinks hard
    ZALMAN CNPS9500 LED 92mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan with Heatsink

    Thermaltake CL-P0401 110mm Full-Range Fan CPU Cooler

    But if anyone here might have a better one they know about please let me know?
    Right now I am running the stock hsf with a exhaust 120mm taking air out the back and a intake 92mm bring air in the front Idles @ 0ced to 2.8 Temps 39C AND Under load 50c I don't think that is to bad But I know I can get it cooler. Any ideas on a better heatsink are welcome..... Just NOT cutting holes for more fans in my case.
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is the best. Get a Scythe SFF21F 120mm fan for max cooling, or the SFF21D for almost no sound. They come in 3 speeds, even the fast one is fairly quiet.
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    Use Google and search and search... and learn what you want to know.
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    I second the google notion. That's how i found out my information.
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    Most people in some of the other forums are saying the 120 is the best to But a few things I dont like is one no fan I guess that is ok, 2nd is not copper to me copper would be better, 3RD I have seen a picture of this in a person case and I dont know if this is how it should set, but the fan is blowing toward the power supply and the back of the fan is right up against the video card like the heatsink is in sideways looks crazy to me might not even be the right way. I just seen a pic that someone had on a site....
    oh something else is looks like you have to remove the mobo to install this Now I really hate that but not many I have found that you don't have to do that.
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