Looking for Yoda - BSOD / Hard Error / chkdsk /r - Help!

By bman2005
Sep 24, 2006
  1. 2 days later things have only gone downhill. Please help me return to at least safe mode.

    Here is a rundown of the the problem(s) I have had and what I have tried.

    1- I cleaned up my HDD and ran Registry Mechanic. A few minutes later I get a BSOD (Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal To). I wasn't too concerned at this point. It happens on the occasion.

    2- Reboot computer, is BSOD's again...and again....and again at the same location, right after XP logo screen

    3 - I go to safe mode...run Defrag - no fix

    4- I run CHKDSK /r from safe login prompt - it runs, then reboots but no fix.

    5- Last ditch effort I run repair from my XP install disc...thinking this might work. After repair it reboots to windows but tries to run CHKDSK again. I let it take its course. After CHKDSK runs, it reboots and says "Windows Setup will Restart"..

    then comes

    6 - Stop : c000021A Hard Error
    Hard Error

    So, there you have it, I can't get into Safe mode because windows won't continue setup in safe mode. I can't boot normally as CHKDSK will run again and follow up with a Hard Error.

    I plan on doing a fresh install but would really REALLY like to get back into my OS to map over a few documents / quicken backup etc. If anyone has any advice that might get me into an likes of windows login that would be awesome.

    Here are a few other tid bits

    -I can not quit CHKDSK. This tries to run every time windows boots up. I don't want it to do it any longer. I just want it to try to log on to see if there is still a stop error OR continue with the setup of the windows.

    -When I do a safe mode start now..the boot up will hang at BTKRNL.sys...
    Yet it will work in safe mode with command prompt (which it quickly states, windows can not continue setup in safe mode)

    Help ..

    Thanks already in advance.
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