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By DragonFury
Jan 11, 2006
  1. i didnt see any where i can place this thread . I have an issue with a 6800 le ( leadtek ) agp card it somehow got damaged and some lil micro sized capacitors got removed ( please use link to get an idea where i am talking bout ) and i have a friend who can resolder these parts back on but i need a 6800 card to do so ( as this is a reference design and i can basically transplant missing parts ) what i am looking for is a non working ( burnt core card ) 6800 line card ( preferably a reference design Agp ) the card it self has coordinates on it for each part . if you happen know what exactly what the part they used please tell me ( or value and what u used to determine the value ) i have replaced them but they werent exact so i got no video but i was still able to load windows as i heard the windows chime ( telling me that its these areas need to be fixed ...


    the area can be found out Here

    i feel i can repair this card if i can get the right parts for it ... or if yall know where i can go look for one i be more then greatful .... I dont have much on me so purchasing a new card is out ....
  2. DragonFury

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    bump .... no one has any fried 6800 cards floating around ?
  3. iss

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    I dont think that anyone who has had a damaged or defective card tends to leave it laying around. most people will just trash it.
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