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Looking to replace broken LCD screen on Compaq 700 series laptop. Any Tips?

By lukeshupe ยท 20 replies
Jan 12, 2005
  1. My girlfriend just brought her laptop to me and said can you fix this? Looks like she dropped it pretty hard on a corner and the screen is shot, the housing and hinges look good, can anyone offer any adive before i start messing with this laptop. Ive build a dozen or so desktops but have never really messed with laptops. Any advice or help would be greatly aprreciated.

  2. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Easy to do

    Its not a complicated item to change.. You will need a T-9 Torx driver.. Pull the rubber pads off the Bezel.. (all 5 4 small corner and the one long center top) Then the rest is downhill.. If you need a screen I have one here..
  3. lukeshupe

    lukeshupe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ken, that sounds too easy, is there any thing i need to look out for and be sure i do/don't do? They local computer repair place wanted to charge like $500 to do this repair. Like i said I've never really messed with laptops, but if i have instructions I'll try it. How much are you willing to take for the laptop screen, this one is a 14.1" screen from a Compaq 710 I think, I'll get all the info this weekend and let you know.

  4. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16


    Theyre not too bad to do.. If youd like to send it we can install one for 225.00.. Or we'll sell you a screen for 170.00.. (we can and will help if you want to do this).
    Google "ikenfixit" You can find our website from here... Ken
  5. lukeshupe

    lukeshupe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ken, Im just curious is the $225 with the new screen or is that simply the charge for installing? Also do you have any idea what it would cost to ship a laptop up and back to you from the Charlotte area? Thats sounding like a great price!!!

  6. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Screen included..

    Thats the total cost on our end.. !2.00 to ship here 12.00 to return and the cost for the replacement.(screen included). Thats it.. Thanx
  7. lukeshupe

    lukeshupe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ken, if you check this please send me an email, I am interested in getting that laptop fixed, probably in the next 2 weeks, so if you would email me a lukeshupe@hotmail.com, and we'll work out the details.

  8. txaggies08

    txaggies08 TS Rookie

  9. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16

    Laptop repairs

    Google ikenfixit and you will find us.. (Been doing this for a while and we love it)!
  10. MYOB

    MYOB TS Rookie Posts: 468

    Firstly, whats TS's policy on commercial advertising in the forums?

    Secondly, if you can't get a new TFT, I need a Compaq M700 charger and battery...
  11. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16

    M700/ Presario 700

    Two different models.. His charger will work but the battery wont.. Also we dont have either and E-bays the place to buy these cheap.. (Refurb'd batts 45-60)..
  12. bigdawg73

    bigdawg73 TS Rookie

    Compaq Presario 705 US LCD

    I can see the image but the LCD is Dim no backlight whatsoever. Checked it on an external monitor video is fine . Is there a part to replace with out replacing the whole LCD ? I just got it from a buddy who said he rolled over while sleeping on it. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated .

  13. ikenfixit.com

    ikenfixit.com TS Rookie Posts: 16


    Check to see if the lis switch is jammed down first.. Have to pull 2 torx screws from underside and remove power button panel to verify). If its not try the inverter first and then look to backlight.. We can help with any problems on laptops.
  14. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,452

    We appreciate any help, but please note that advertising here is NOT allowed!
  15. bigdawg73

    bigdawg73 TS Rookie

    Ok another ???????

    It seems my Presario 700 Doesnt go into sleep when lid is shut . Is this normal ? I dont get it I can also still see the image on my screen no backlight its driving me nuts I dont want to purchase a whole lcd if its just a parts thing .


  16. Amaris4GOW

    Amaris4GOW TS Rookie

    Help replacing the LCD and Keyboard on my Laptop

    This is my husbands laptop and I was the one that broke the LCD and the Keyboard has been broken for a couple of years now. I want to replace them and I have the replacement parts.

    I have worked on, built and repair desktop computer for years but have not done anything with laptops I have heard that it is easy to replace them but I am having problems finding directions on how to do so.

    If you could help me at all I would greatly appreciate the help. I need the help as my husband is now pushing me to get it fixed so he can use it for things that have to do with his beer making and I have the new laptop for school so he cant use that one for the beer making.

    I really could use an :angel: to help me find the directions I need to do this repair job.


  17. edmat

    edmat TS Rookie

    Same Problem of broken screen but would like to use external monitor to check all

    I dropped my Pressario 700 and broke LCD. I tried to conect up to video display to see if rest is ok. When I reboot the external monitor shows the initial restarting screen but then dies when it tries to go to windows. Does this indicate more problems or is there something I can do to get extgernal display output? I then will replace LCD if rest works OK.


  18. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 5,746   +14

    there are many companies on the net that offer LCD replacement kits and/or repairs. Shop around.
  19. NFBill

    NFBill TS Rookie

    Recent LCD Mishap

    Hi all,

    My question is simple, regardless of the response time here, I'll answer it myself tomorrow when I go through with it!

    How interchangable are the LCD displays? Mine just quit when I tilted the screen towards me during normal use. It's like from where I gripped the side of the housing down just lost it's mojo - 2/3 from bottom is just white with the top 1/3 working. I've spent several hours researching online and really couldn't come up with a definate answer, other than "we'll replace if for $xxx.xx".

    I am assuming, that as long as the data converter and connecting ribbon is ok, and match the replacement LCD (same amount of connecting pins), I should be able to grab another 14 inch'er and replace my broken one. Right?

    I found that there are numerous manufacturers of laptop displays, and there could also be different models of LCD's used on the same line of laptop from any given maker. Thanks for making it simple! :dead:

    Everyone I asked (IE: techies at pc shops) said it's not possible, it's a $xxx.xx job and you HAVE to order the EXACT same display panel from the manufacturer. I'll pick it apart and sell it piece by piece on ebay before handing it to them! :haha:

    If my asumption is correct, by tomorrow I should have installed the panel and have a working display. If not, I guess I'll have a great notebook with FIVE 14 inch LCD panels that won't work with it. :rolleyes:

    I found this guy at a flea market who has 5 laptops with 14 inch screens that all have something else wrong with them - hence he'll give me just the screens for really cheap so it's worth a shot.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, I'll post a note tomorrow with my results and maybe a little more detail (IE: make/model, which ones worked with what or if at all)
  20. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 109

    I've repaired many laptops (including broken screens).

    What I've found:
    1) Its a fairly easy task to replace a screen. You will probably break some small clips somewhere if you don't have a manual, but it will probably still work.
    2) Make sure you don't disconnect another small cable (by disconnect I mean break).
    3) Even the exact same model of laptop can have different screens and they are not interchangeable. That said, make sure that your inverter card / screen / cable match and you should be ok.
  21. edmat

    edmat TS Rookie

    I have inverter screen cable. I have gotten to the point where there are two wires, one under each hinge that need to be disconnected and new ones installed. I have no clue how to get at connections. Any help would be appreciated.
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