"Loopback" in ZAP

By olefarte
Sep 14, 2003
  1. I have just noticed that I have an entry in the privacy page of Zone Alarm Pro, called "Loopback". After doing several searches, I can't really determine if this is something bad or not. I've got three browsers, IE, MYIE2, and Opera. No matter what page I open with, or what browser I use, the loopback entry will show up in ZAP. I have set every security setting at max, and it still shows up.

    Does anyone know what this might be, and how I can permantly get rid of it. I've never seen this before today.

    Also, how can I disable MSN Messenger, so that it's not constantly trying to access the internet. I don't use it. I've got it disabled in "services", but it still trys to access.
  2. Tarkus

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    Olefarte, I have that too...I have very few items in the list and from what I can tell they are all from sites I visited with IE. It seems to be any time IE connects to the internet it creates that entry. Probably just Big Brother Bill spying on us. I blocked Session cookies and Mobile Code for that entry. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll research it some more.
  3. olefarte

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    Well, the "loopback" entry finally just disappeared. I had sesson cookies, mobile code, everything blocked, and it still would come back. I normally use Opera, and have been trying MYIE2 also, and I thought it might be something to do with these browsers.

    But I kept deleteting it from ZAP and trying different things. Rebooted several times and it finally left for good, seems like.

    I think ZAP might have been screwed up, because several times the "True Vector" engine crashed during all this. I would browse a couple of sites and then run Ad-Aware and it would show eight or ten items. Anyway things seem to be back to normal now.
  4. Tarkus

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    I have since upgraded ZAP on 9/14 and reinstalled windows yesterday. I also had several crashes of True Vector in my logs before that. Loopback has disappeared from my ZAP privacy site list, too. ???
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