Lost 67GB of a HD

Dec 2, 2004
  1. I have a buddie and he messed up his computer..HE WAS SURFFING AND HIS computer .well he was tired . he hqs a 70gb hd he has only used 7gb but he did something to it and used up the other 63gb..but he does not have a clue what he did wrong.......so how do i help him recouver all that space.
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    Take that HD out and insert it (set as a slave-drive) in another computer.
    Copy the known 7GB data of that HD onto another HD.
    Then re-partition the disk in 2 x 35GB and fully format it in NTFS.
    If the 63GB unknown data is corrupt, but the 7GB data is still OK but perhaps inaccessible, have a look at www.dposoft.com for their HDD-Regenerator program.
    The best there is....
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