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Lost access to share drive and Outlook after windows update

By Michelle2 ยท 10 replies
Apr 20, 2007
  1. Hi

    My boss has a dell laptop, after installing windows XP updates yesterday he has lost access to the share document drive and outlook.

    I have rejoined his account to the domain, now outlook intermittently connects but only on pressing send and receive.

    I was able to ping the laptop and connect to the server in RDC from the laptop, so when I changed his AD account to reset password on next logon, this worked. Still no access to file share.

    I have uninstalled the 4 updates - KB931784, KB932168, KB930178, KB931261 rebooted the laptop, now he can access the share drive docs, but outlook still not connecting. The work offline isnt ticked and manually control connection state is clear.

    Any ideas? He said a format reload is too sledgehammer for his taste..
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    Have you tried reinstalling outlook?
  3. Michelle2

    Michelle2 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Its not just outlook he is having problems with, its the share drive.

    Something on the windows update has messed his access settings on the network - so he can see the domain and the domain sees him but he cannot access the folders, and exchange..

    So Ive not reinstalled outlook
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    try recreating the users profile on Exchange.

    Also verify the workgroup name on the desktop system.

    Are all shares inaccessible from this system? Perhaps the firewall settings
    were lost.
  5. Michelle2

    Michelle2 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Tried that Jobeard, no better. Turned off the firewall aswell and still no better.

    Now I cant even see his laptop on the domain next to all the other pc's \ laptop's! But he can see the share doc's - but is still having problems with Outlook.

    The virus def's are up to date have also run the stinger from Mcaffee and nothing found. Short of the sledgehammer Im pretty stuck at this time.
  6. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,443   +1,415

    stick with the file sharing first. Outlook is dependent upon it.

    I assume you have a Domain controller environment and all users
    login to it. (verify?). If so, the workgroup (on the client) becomes the
    domain controller domain-name.

    So the DC server can't see the user, and the user can see but not access
    server content? Delete the user from the DC environment and then rejoin.
    (BE CAREFUL here; you may need to backup the users data first!).
  7. Michelle2

    Michelle2 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    We do Jobeard, everyone logs into the DC - 2003 server. Worgroup becomes domain.

    Ive re-created the user, and his connection is still intermittent. Would it possibly be the nic on his laptop?
  8. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 292

    Can you UNC browse to the server's share?
    EG: \\ipaddress-or-hostnameofserver\sharename

    Can you ping the server's IP address as well as the hostname of the server?

    You could always system restore back to a time you know it was working. But continue to troubleshoot it becuase it's fun! :)

    Add the server's IP address and hostname into the PC's host file as a test.

    Also, what kind of mailbox is set-up in Outlook? POP3? Exchange?
  9. Michelle2

    Michelle2 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    I rejoined the domain, on the LT - and system pings backwards and forwards OK - thats both server name and IP address :-D

    Nah sr boring like you say - plus boss reckons its too sledgehammer for his liking - he hates IT..?? - I could respond with like but best not!!!!

    Its Exchange server 2003 - and webmail works ok on LT as does the auto push to his PDA...
  10. mikescorpio81

    mikescorpio81 TS Rookie Posts: 292

    If you are pinging OK then you should be able to UNC path to the share.
    If you can and you get prompted for credentials then the PC is not authenticating properly (but it shouldn't).
    If you get to the share via the UNC path, then map the drive or set him up with a login script.

    If he can use Outlook Web Access, he is authenticating correctly and should be able to get to all shares. If you still can't, check his AD user object for anything out of the ordinary, and check the share security settings for any "Deny" permissions or restrictions over the folder you are mapping to.
  11. callsignapollo

    callsignapollo TS Rookie

    Hi, I am having the same issue. This is a clean install of Windows; can access network shares though after updating Windows I cannot access the shares anymore.

    Have tried reinstalling but something to do with the updates is stopping me accessing my shares.

    EDIT: It is my file server at home that I am having this issue with, it has an nForce2 motherboard.
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