Lost all data

By bkd39
Nov 30, 2005
  1. Hello all.

    I really messed up. I formatted my hard drive and forgot to back up my programs. is ther a way to get my stuff back. :(
  2. poertner_1274

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    Well your programs are a different story than your data. If you wanted to get your Microsoft Office, or something like that you will need to have the installatoin disc/files to do so. However if you were hoping to get off some word or excel documents then you might be able to use a data recovery software to see if it is still there.

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  3. werty316

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    Well I don't think you can. If you did a full format then no but if you did a quick you might be able to but then you would have to send your HD away and pay lots of $ to get it professionly restored. Not sure if any HD recovery file programs would work.
  4. Samstoned

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    yes a normal format you can get all your stuff back
    do not write to drive
    file scavenger is one of the best I use
    even if you did write to drive anywhere on drive that did not get over written to can retrieve data

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