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Sep 24, 2007
  1. driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error message

    Hi everyone, recently I have had alot of trouble with my laptop (Dell Inspirion 5100 p4 2.8 ghz). I kept getting the driver_irql_not_less_or_eqaul and the page_fault_nonpaged_area error messages. So I ran a diagnostic test and it said dst_short_test:failed. So I replaced the harddrive. It wouldn't let me get through the windows install because the blue screen would come up. So I replaced the memory. Same problem. Finally, I did more research and learned overheating maybe a problem. So I took apart the laptop and cleaned the fan and heatsink. Finally, I was able to install windows but when I try to download updates for SP2, the computer freezes. Basically whenever I try to run any diagnostic programs it freezes. Occasionally a blue screen will come up with the "irql" error message or it will be just a blue screen saying to restart the computer. I am attaching my minidumps and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    First read this:

    We are not a "chat" site. We are a Hardware site primarily. Change the title of this thread

    Minidumps point to:
    NDIS.SYS (Network adapter)
    NTFS.SYS (Hard drive file corruption)
    BCMWL5.SYS (Network adapter error)
    TCPIP.SYS (Network card)
    WIN32K.SYS (Windows corruption)

    An internal wireless or wired network adapter may be bad

    Remove any external network cards or USB adapters and retry the Windows install
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    Reset the BIOS or remove the battery for backup. What brand of laptop you have there. If you still get these errors then there could a problem with MOBO.

    CPU - replace (optional)
    MOBO - replace
    HDD - replace
    RAM - replace

    Either reset the BIOS or Update it...
  4. dbarcenas3358

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    Thanks for the reply. Its a Dell Inspirion 5100, I have replaced the hard drive and memory. I flashed the BIOS but still get nothing. I guess I will try to replace the MOBO and CPU. I'll pretty much have a brand new laptop at this point, hahaha.
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    how about a thread title like "Dell Inspiron 5100 Trouble"... and of course this thread belongs in the "Mobile Computing" Forum, not here :(

    If you are going to do all that, why not save your money and buy a new laptop?
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