Lost TCP/IP for ethernet

By sjc1701
Apr 29, 2006
  1. Installed software for a USR 5421 usb wireless adapter on my laptop yesterday, wireless works ok. Disconnecting the wireless and connecting the ethernet cable, now I can't get communications to go through. The computer sees the link but no traffic is generated. Properties for the connection indicate the 3COM card is there and enabled but the TCP/IP properties comes back with a message that I have to install and enable to set TCP/IP properties. Reluctant to hit the install button since I don't have a system CD (company laptop). Suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
  2. sjc1701

    sjc1701 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Still having a VPN problem

    I managed to get the ethernet hardwire connection working again by reinstalling the 3COM controller only to discover that my Conectiv VPN was nailed too! Reinstalled the VPN software but still get a 'login failed due to: Driver fail' error. Anyone familiar with with this problem? Is anyone successfully using a USR5421 MAXg wireless along with having hardwired ethernet capability on a laptop?
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