Lost Windows Installation ( Help me please! )

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Mar 18, 2004
  1. Help me please!

    I'm everything but a genius when it comes to computers and I have a big problem.

    It all started when I had to format my harddisk and had to reinstall Windows. I don't know why but all of my games couldn't start because I got an error that told me "Could not find OpenGL subsystem" and I tried everything..... I reinstalled the games, the graphic card drivers and got the newest ones, I got me the most recent DirectX and so on. (I had Win98)

    Anyways, I formated my harddisk again but this time I've deleted my DOS-Partition completely! I made me a new one and thought this would be fine since now every single bit will be new but after I rebooted my PC, I got the lines:

    Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0 .. OK
    Betriebssystem fehlt (German...means that I have no operating system)!

    I made a new DOS-partition but after the line "Betriebssystem fehlt (= No operating system found)" nothing happens! I can't type in anything and i don't know what to do. My windows startdisk won't help me either. Please help me because this is beyond my knowledge! :(
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    Ok first you need to enter your bios"restart" and make the cd rom first booting device. Then resart with your xp disk in. After that it should load your xp disk to format your partitions, then finally load your fresh xp install. :)
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    Just in case, if you want a DOS-partition, make this the first partition on your HD (FAT32, using about 4GB).
    Make a second partition, using up the rest of the Disk (also FAT32), where you can put your programs and data files.
    Install DOS in the first partition in its own sub-directory. Then install W98 in this partition too.
    You can also use the second partition to install WinXP in (thus getting a Dual-Boot system). Using FAT32 here means you can access it from within W98.

    If you don't need DOS and/or W98 anymore, but want to go for WinXP, format the first partition in NTFS (about 20GB) and the rest of the harddisk also in NTFS for data-files and programs.

    There are different ways of doing this. Change the BIOS to boot from CDrom, insert XP-CD and install. Or boot up from your W98 startup-floppy (with CD-rom support), then insert the XP-CD and execute the setup.exe on the CD
  4. Didou

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  5. Liquidlen

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    Did you remember to make that first partition Active?
  6. Ridley

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    Okay, got rid of the problem. thanks for your input, mate.
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