Lots of issues~!

By Varouj
Aug 6, 2005
  1. Hey,
    Well yesterday u just purchased a chaintech motherboard because my old one just gave up and died. So now i have to go and format my c drive because the chipsets dont match and windows dosent like it... Ok so here we go. I have windows xp sp2 bootable cd at hand, i throw it in format using fat32 quick format and than it goes through all its junk but than it gives me this blue screen saying windows has encounterd a critical error and must be shutdown to save your hardware or something like that.... so whatever i know this cd works, ive used it numerous times... anyways after about 12 tries and differant points of this error comming (everytime was a differant error) i tried to put in another cd rom.. new everytime i boot up the computer it goes through the main loading screen, (decting ide drives, ram so fourth) than it takes me to this screen where it shows aptai booting from cd rom, than it makes this error saying NTLDR MISSING press any key to reboot, so now i cant even get into the damn windows installer~!!!! my lord im losing my pateince lol...please help guys..!!!

  2. kryptoknight

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    Try using a floppy bootdisk from microsoft. If your install XP, any windows boot disk will be fine, ex. 98 or so forth. Get it in the floppy drive if you have one, and try to boot from there.. And if anything please post more information regarding your computer, what you recently changed & specs.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Since your able to boot with the Xp disk, do a FULL format and partition. That will also do a scandisk, in case there are errors on the HDD
    If you succeed, try copying the XP to the partition you are not putting the O/S on. If this does not work .
    It may be that you have some hardware issue. It sounds as though you used some old parts. You might have to do some troublshooting on the Hardware side.
  4. jobeard

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    XP HD Formatting

    use the NTFS file system instead of FAT32. There are very few reasons to still be running FAT.
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