Louis Vuitton reveals $2,890 speaker complete with glass, leather, and LEDs


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WTF?! Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton doesn't just make very expensive items of clothing, it also makes very expensive tech products. Joining the company's $1,190 wireless headphones and $3,000+ smartwatches is a wireless speaker that looks like a reward for completing an RPG quest—and it costs $2,890.

The Horizon Light Up Speaker isn't your everyday portable Bluetooth 5.1 sound emitter. Louis Vuitton writes that it is inspired by the Toupie handbag, which has a similar UFO-style shape and signature monogram flower pattern.

The near three thousand dollar price tag gets you an object d'art featuring polished and matte stainless steel, black perforated and embossed leather, and 35 LEDs that synchronize to the beat of your tunes. There's also a touch control bar covered in tempered glass and a removable leather wrist strap.

Elsewhere, the Horizon Light Up Speaker packs a three-inch subwoofer, two 0.75-inch tweeters, three microphones for voice calls, 89 dB maximum volume, a frequency range from 60Hz to 16kHz, and a dock for straight positioning and USB-C charging, which takes 90 minutes for a full charge that offers 15 hours of audio. There's also Apple AirPlay 2 support, a universal adaptor with 6 plugs, two USB-C-to-USB-C cables, and a travel pouch.

If you do have a spare $2,890 to spend, the Horizon Light Up Speaker can be ordered from Louis Vuitton's website now, with shipping set for July 31. Fans of expensive tech from high-end brands might want to pair it with the $2,150 Super Mario-themed smartwatch from Tag Heuer.

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Nah for me but probably a great gift idea, and the girl might have problem with it and might call you.
My, (and I believe sound), advice, would be to stay as far away as possible from any woman/princess with interest in Louis Vitton products. You'll spend the rest of you life, liberty, and paychecks, on sating her obsessive desire to obtain them. Consider it a disguised form of "involuntary servitude", which BTW, Abraham Lincoln did away with in 1865.


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I am one of those to each own kind of guy, but even I think that is excessive and ridiculous.
Paris is where you go to make millions of dollars designing women's clothes, if you get turned down for a job in a much lower paying position because of your homosexuality.

Louis Vuitton is not included in this list due to the fact he died in 1892. His name is incorporated into a design firm.

Paris, France being the "fashion capital of the world", has always been an enigma to me. It seems to be the antithesis of "modern woman's concerns regarding "sexual harassment".

For example, why does a woman insist on wearing a $20,000 gown that you can practically see through, while insisting that her male escort, show up in a rental, "monkey suit"?

Oh well, people buy guitars for the name on the headstock, and the same holds true for women's designer fashion accessories.. Neither one is worth anywhere near the money charged for them..

Two axioms attach, "the only difference between men sand boys is the price of their toy".

And my impromptu< "a women wears a see through gown so that dhe can be sexually harassed, and complain about it twenty years later".

As for the topic at hand, they should probably stick that there loudspeaker monstrosity on Louis Vuitton's gravestone, and try to use it communicate with the dearly departed