Low Budget ...XFX FX5200 or ATI 9250??

By dracoaugusto
Jan 3, 2005
  1. Hi everybody I really need help I`m going to buy a video card to edit video and my budget is....very short. Tell which of this you recommend me XFX FX5200 / Apollo or ATI 9250 . THANK YOU !!!!!
  2. Rich88

    Rich88 TS Rookie Posts: 17

    I have the fx 5200. it is a decent card it runs half-life 2 and unrealy tournament 2004 pretty good.
  3. Cpt.Orgasmo

    Cpt.Orgasmo TS Rookie


    I would go for the radeon 9250 because i used to have a geforce 5200 and it was absolute pants, with the newer cards Nvidia are better but a 9250 is a cheap descent card to have in your system.
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