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Oct 3, 2005
  1. i have a home built pc. i put it together myself and now i am not satisfied. i have a 433 pentium 3, but i had to get an adaptor to make the processor fit into my motherboard. im pretty sure that the motherboard was only set up for a pentium 2, but i dont know off hand what it is. i know that i had to update the bios. i was wonderin what it would take for you all to tell me if i can upgrade to atleast a low end pentium 4.
  2. DonNagual

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    Please tell us the make/model of your motherboard.

    Also, can you give a link of this adapter you are using?

    My first thoughts are, you may want to save up the cash and invest in a new motherboard that is designed for a P4 processor. If your current one is only meant for a P2, even if you use an adapter, you won't be able to use the CPU's full potential. I am assuming that this adapter will only make it fit in your board, but I imagine with all the bottlenecks in your system, the price of a P4 would be a waste of money on your system.
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    AFAIK Slot 1 adapters only go up to 1400MHz PIII. (PowerLeap makes such gadgets)

    You would not gain much from a P4 anyway unless you run some very special applications that fit in the CPU cache and would not choke on the dead-slow system memory.
  4. bobsled

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    the motherboard is a Super PS6BA. the processor adaptor is a 370SP (i really dont have any idea what it is...that's all that was written on it, that and VCORE.) but the serial number is on it.
  5. bobsled

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    the pc is for gaming. i should let you all know that now. so i wouldnt gain that much from a pentium 4? even then.....a 1400 pentium 3? that's miles ahead of my 433 pentium 3
  6. Justin

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    I think you are confused - There is no such thing as a Pentium III running at 433MHz. The slowest P3 would be a Katmai Slot 1 P-III at 450Mhz. Do you mean 533Mhz @ 133Mhz FSB, or are you talking about a 433Mhz Celeron, running on 66Mhz FSB? They are two very different chips and would directly impact whether or not you can use them in the board you have.

    Give us the specific model of motherboard you have. I will tell you though, at the absolute most, assuming you have a board that fully supported 133MHz FSB, you would get a 1400Mhz P3 using the extremely slow SDR Ram.

    The cost of the adapter alone for a 1GHz+ Celeron or P3 would probably not be worth it, with the cost of a replacement desktop so low. If you are on an extreme budget, you could recycle the hard drive, optical drive, chassis and potentially power supply in a replacement desktop.
  7. bobsled

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    man...your getting way too technical. you did point out my error that i did realize after i posted the last reply....it is a celeron processor. the motherboard is a super P6SBA made by American Megatrends. it was only designed to run on a pentium 2. but like i said....i dont know what the adaptor is to have it run my 433 processor. also what do you mean 433 running on 66mhz fsb? i dont know what that is.
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