Low Fps in 1.6 PLZ HELP!!!

By whiteboykrt
Feb 10, 2005
  1. heres my computer set up

    hp pavilion
    intel pentium 4 processor
    512mb ram
    40gb hard drive
    Radeon 9600

    In cs 1.6 my fps goes crazy it jumps around from 100 to as low as 30 on any map mostly when theres a lot of people but ive tried so many different things and i cant get a constant 100 or even just a steady fps between 80-100 plz if you know anything i can do plz reply
  2. BroodsteR

    BroodsteR TS Rookie

    get cs source =D
  3. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    My Fps SUCKS!!!

    Here are all the specs. for my pc that i know.
    Intel Celeron R
    76GB hardrive
    224MB of RAM
    ProSavage DDR Graphics card
    256K Broadband Internet(i think thats the right number)

    Ok my problem is when playing CS when i first installed it my fps was rarely going above 30. People said that i should turn V-Sync off but i have no i dea of what this is, so if you would be kind enough could you please tell me how to turn this off.
    Now about 4months ago when i tried to start counter strike(as i normally do) my computer just restarted itself instantly without warning. As this was an inproper shut down the computer ran ScanDisk before restarting windows and it found loads of errors to do with Steam. when windows had fully restarted it said the system had recovered from a critical error. after this i tunred off my computer and went to bed(as it was about 11:30pm). the next day i turned on CS and my fps was 60-70 now this is the highest it has ever been but when i exited CS for a break when i restarted it up again my fps now refuses to go above 22. this is increeasingly annoying as on maps such as de_dust1+2 with high detail my fps is about 6-8 this creates a hell load of lag and makes it immpossible to play.
    If you have any ideas please could you convey them to me in the simplist possible way as i am not much of a computer whizz.
    also if you know anything about V-Sync please tell me.
    Thanks in advance
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