lsi logic 20320 u320 pci scsi card - flashed incorrect bios, card will not work now

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Feb 13, 2007
  1. hi guys. i have an lsi logic 20320 pci-x scsi card, and I accidentally flashed it with the incorrect bios/firmware while attempting to upgrade it. now the card will not boot up and is unusable. is there any way to restore or change the firmware/bios on it now? the reason i can't do it is because i can't boot to a floppy or command prompt BEFORE the scsi bios tries to boot the card up. once the scsi card tries to boot up, it displays "hardware malfunction" and freezes and/or reboots the system. and there is no way to bypass or prevent the card from starting up. i have tried adding an additional scsi card and booting into a command prompt after IT boots up, but my pci bus will only recognize one scsi card at a time, so this doesn't work. and obviously , i can not repair the card from within windows, because i can not even get into windows with the card installed. any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated, as I have searched the internet for a long time now, and talked to numerous clueless tech support reps about this.
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    I would say you are probably hosed, unless you can get ahold of another card that may be damaged in some other way and have someone really good to swap the chips.
  3. dopefisher

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    lol! i never would have thought of that.
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    Some BIOSes have the possibility to disable option ROM code.

    PCI-X? If you have a decent server, then you may have hot-pluggable PCI there. If yes, boot to dos and only then add the SCSI card.

    Other than that, yes, the only sure way is to take out the flash chip and flash it in somewhere else - either an identical card or a special chip programming device.
  5. dopefisher

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    I think I tried adjusting the option ROM mode, it did not help, will try again.

    I don't have a server, this is just a regular 939 pin amd/asus board. will it hurt the board if i add/remove pci devices when it is on?

    as for replacing/testing the chip... hmm.....

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