ltkrn13n.dll ... Ordinal 309 missing

By norma_ak
May 27, 2007
  1. Hi: MY name is Norma and this is my first time at attempting to post anything. I have been searching for a "how to post" info page but no luck. I apologize if I am in the wrong place for this message.

    I have removed a Microsoft Office Trial Program 2003 and in the process have lost my MS Works Word Processing Program. I have found and downloaded the three dll files that are missing and am now getting the message Ordinal 309 can not be found in dynamic link library ltkrn13n.dll. What do I do now? I have contacted and paid HP Tech Support for phone help and they have been unable to do anything...I have done more on my own in following board suggestions. I have contacted Microsoft who tells me its not their problem, that I need to contact HP. Full circle. Does anyone know how to find the 309 file? Thanks for your help.
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