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Hello, I like my computer now, a windows, but I am into editing movies from digital video cameras and creating music, and I heard that Mac is the best at doing those sorts of things, but I am also into gaming, now would a mac lets say with a 1.8 GHz processor some Mac Radeaon card, and 512 MB of ram run as fast as my 2.4P4GHZ 512MB ram geforce FX5500 windows setup? Also what games are supported on mac? Thanks.


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I'd stick to windows...u can edit movies on PCs too and I mean c'mon how can u play any games without a right-click on your mouse? I realize u can use almost any mouse but I'm just sayin in case u plan on using the mouse that comes with macs


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I'm a heavy Mac and PC user - and if you are serious about gaming stick to Windows. If gaming is just an afterthought to you and the video/audio editing is the real purpose of this machine then either platform should do. Most people say you can pretty much double the clock speed of the Mac (1.8x2 = 3.6) to get about the same PC performance but I don't agree with that. Maybe 1.5x if not less. Also, as TDawg says, you can do video/audio editing on a PC just as well, though the interface might not be as easy or pretty. I must admit though, doing this stuff is really easy on a mac, but if you're a power user on the PC then that's a non-issue. I personally could never have a Mac as my only/main machine.

BTW - games will be much slower on the Mac - much. No way around it - that's just the way it is.


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Okay thanks for the input i think i will stay with Windows for now, until like maybe i get a career in audio editiing and stuff like that thanks. Oh do you know any good programs for music creation with loops, I have Acid Pro 4.0 but i was wondering if there was anything better?


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I still havent tested out my iMac G5 yet with any games. I wanna try it out with Doom 3 and Sims 2. Also if they have Black & White.

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I got a Mac Mini just a few weeks ago and so far I've been able to run Jedi Academy without problems, just without all the eye candy for obvious reasons. I've got to agree with Papa in pretty much everything although he's got more experience running both platforms in a day to day use, while I'm still looking uses for the Mac.


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i have a long history of distaste for macintosh, but i have to admit they are moving on to better ideas these days. but still, the gaming performance of windows is unmatched.
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