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Just wondering if Apple is planning to revamp the macbook pro line anytime soon. I'm starting to look at notebooks to take to college next year and strongly considering a macbook pro. however, i was expecting them to have core "2" duos and all of them having DVD-DL drives. Anyone know, or know of a good mac website with news and stuff?


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School just started, so you have 11 months before college next year. No need to get in a hurry to buy one now.

As for a website: where I pulled this gem:
MacShrine believes that Apple will update the MacBook Pro to use Core 2 Duo "Merom" processors at Photokina (in addition to the anticipated Aperture 1.2 update). According to the site, Apple will employ the 2.33 and 2.16 GHz variants of the chip, however there is no mention of any other updates (enclosure, etc). The MacBook Pro was last updated in April 2006 with the introduction of the 17" model.

At this time, MacBook updates are not expected despite consistent worldwide shortages, which was anticipated in Apple's most recent financial conference call.

Apple will be hosting a special event on September 25th (just before the beginning of photokina, which begins on the 26th).

A previous Page 2 story claimed MacBook speed-bump updates on September 12th.

MacOSXRumors also claims that the Merom MacBook Pro will be announced at the event.

From that clip you have and

There are a few more but my mind has gone blank right now.
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