Machine check exception minidumps

By dougmwpsu
Nov 13, 2006
  1. hi all,
    I'm getting random reboots with stop codes of 9c:machine check exception. they seem to occur more when the system is under load, but it will still crash while idling. i just built the system from scratch and have tried both a 250 and 500w powersupply in it, no change.

    OS: win xp sp2
    Processor: Pentium d 915
    Ram: 2x512 pny ddr2

    i ran memtest on the ram(no errors) and swapped the modules in and out, no change. this isn't a software problem, the machine is rebooting in other os's as well. i am running al the latest driver and i have updated my bios. my temps are in the 40's.

    i'm including a few minidumps, if anyone can glean more info from them i'd be highly appreciative. honestly I've just about given up hope of ever getting this system running.
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