By MaxMaxwell21
Jan 31, 2005
  1. Hello, I am new here.....

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about The Mad Dog 7 in 1 DVD RW External port drive. I intalled it and It is only showing up as a dic storage device and not a DVD Drive....

    I called Their Support but continue to get Their Voicemail no matter what time of day it is. Nobody had returned my calls. I also emailed them and nothing....

    Am I doing something wrong intalling the drive? It seemed pretty simple....After I installed it...Windows did recognize it but only as a Dic Storage Device.....

    I do already have a DVD Drive and a CD RW drive on my computer.....Do I have to Disable one? I have no clue what to do....

    Can anyone help me?

  2. bobmullr

    bobmullr TS Rookie

    your mad dog problem

    Hi. I am having the same problem. I know it is old, but was your problem solved, and if so, do you remember the steps necessary to get it to work?

    TIA -
    Bob Mueller
  3. CurtH

    CurtH TS Rookie

    Mad Dog 7-in- Problem

    I had the same problem with my Mac i-book G4. I installed Patchburn and the problem was fixed.

    I have what may sound like a foolish question but I do not understand why I can burn a dvd -RW disc on the drive but cannot play it back on that same drive. I can play the disc on my computer or any other computer or shelf dvd player.

    I can playback -R and dvd ROM, no problem. Are these drives designed to not play dvd-RW discs even though they can record on them? Any ideas out there? Thanks.
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