Maddog MegaSTOR 16x Double Layer DVD Burner

By pbelliard
Mar 1, 2005
  1. I purchase a Maddog MegaSTOR 16x Double Layer DVD Burner in November of 2004. At the beginning I was using TDK 4x blank media DVD's to back up my home movies and everything was working fine. I have tried Phillips and just recently TDK 8x DVD's and after about 15 mins of burning I would get a writing error. I am at wits end with this issues. Anybody out there that has the same device and has been having similar issues. Or any ideas from anyone?
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    Its not unheard of for cd or dvd burners to not agree with certain media. I say just stick with what works.

    My Lite-On 8x burns Sony 8x dvd-r disks beautifully, one day I needed some more but the store only had the 4x versions of the sonys, so I got them. When I tried to burn the burner would spit it out with an error right off the start. I traded those Sony 4x to a friend for some generic 4x that he bought in bulk, and my burner has burned every one of those fine.
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    Maddog MegaSTOR 8x Double Layer

    Well, I started to think and used the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. The burner I have is an 8x burner however, I have not been successfull burning 8x DVD's. Why, I am not sure about that yet, but I am going to get to the bottom of it. I have been using DVD X COPY Platinum with my burner and I have yet to find an option that lets me change the burning speed withing DVD X COPY. I started to use DVD Shrink and low and behold I was able to burn an 8x disk such as the TDK and the Fujifilm ones, that I thought were forever going to be coasters, and I was successfull burning them at 4x speed. It does take longer, but as log as I can still utilize my DVD's I am happy.
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