Mahoosive Motherboard and/or PSU problems.

By truant
Dec 2, 2006
  1. Hey guys, I need a bit of urgent help so I'll try to be precise, bear with me. >_<

    Firstly, specs:
    ASRock K8Upgrade-1689
    Athlon '64 3200+ Socket 754
    Ati Radeon 9550 256mb
    1024mb ram (unbranded, I dunno)
    260gb Hard disk, Maxtor maybe.
    & My PSU just says 'Win' on it, only other info I can get is that it's "450"

    Ok! Problem: my computer a while ago was almost fully upgraded, EXCEPT the psu, and the motherboard, which were both, well, ****. As such, I guess they overloaded or something, and broke down. Now whenever I press the power button, it turns on but the POST gives no beeps whatsoever and the monitor just goes on standby ( = no signal, and it does this with 2 monitors btw, not a monitor issue). So I checked the POST thread on here and see..

    "0 beeps - Power Supply or System Board failure (possible short)"

    I'm unemployed, thus not much money's floating about, so I need a decent way to test exactly which one is buggered, I respect the help but saying "just try another motherboard/psu and see if it works" is a no-go. Is there any decent (free, lol) way to identify what my problem is? Also, my hardware knowledge is limited so asking me to remove stuff and short them (whatever the hell that means..) is a bit risky. But I'll do it nontheless if it's the only way.

    Lastly, I have no idea of good (bargain) brands for new PSU's/Mobo's and no way to tell what the hell is compatible or not. Can anyone point me in the direction? If it's a motherboard issue (which is my nr1 suspect) I need something that > my old one, but not too expensive, from um.. here! £40's my limit, unless I don't need a new PSU, I've been under the impression I need a new one of each?

    I DUNNO, I'm just fairly clueless and not a single person seems to know either. I'd really appreciate some help! If any more info is needed let me know and I'll find out whatever it is. Thankkkks for any help!

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