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Feb 7, 2004
  1. Let me give you a picture of my current e-mail scene at work:

    All users have their own POP3 accounts and each of them individually dials into the internet from their PCs and downloads the mail in Outlook. However I use AnalogX Proxy server to share Internet access to all these PCs but I am unable to configure the settings to enable users download their Mail using the same internet connection without having to make "separate individual" connections to the net to download mails.

    I would really like users to provide me suggestions on a simple mail server which would log into the various POP3 accounts my team has on the MAIN server (Online Server), download these e-mails and then when the person checks e-mail from his PC using outlook the mail should be transferred from the local server(which runs the mail program) to their PC.

    One important feature I need is the ability to save a copy of the messages on the server.

    I have looked into the following programs but have not been so comfortable. Users please come forward with your suggestions and share some of your experiences:

    Argosoft Mail Server
    SMTP Beamer
    1st SMTP Server (Not sure of this name)

    Thank you for all your help and taking the time to read this post! Look forward to responses.
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    Do you want to leave messages on your local server or on the server(s) where your people have their mail accounts?

    Leaving messages on the server is a feature of the POP3 client. The client always has to send a DELE command to remove a message.
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    I would like to leave a copy of the mail on the main ONLINE server - so just incase someone doesnt come to office he/she can check their mail on the web and not miss out on mail because my mail program downloaded it onto the local server. Hope I am being able to be specific about my requirement here.

    Will check - Meanwhile. Other suggestions also welcome.
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    Well, our FTGate mail server has this capability to leave messages on the upper level POP3 server.
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    server problems

    hi, im trying to get some help setting up a server at my house and i dont know if this would be a good place to try and get help but i need some help figuring why i cant get to my server website from a computer that is not in my network. so if someone could please redirect me to somewhere that i could get help with this cause i cant seem to find support forum for this. it is a sme server 6.5
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