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By nyashawm
May 8, 2006
  1. i have now a huge stock of motherboards which are not working.some just stopped working mysteriously. isnt there anything that can be done , are they completely irrepairable.
    any tips, testpoints, repair hints on how to try bring them back to life
  2. TypeX45

    TypeX45 TS Rookie Posts: 144

    Ok you say it stopped working what were the symptoms and what have you tried doing so far?
  3. nyashawm

    nyashawm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it just wont start. tried new processor, ram etc. nothing. dead. can you give me repair testpoints/checkpoints you know like pinout diagram or least something to give a starting point.thanks
  4. Nodsu

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    Did you try a different power supply?

    Diagrams.. heh. Sure, just call up ASUS and ask them for the blueprints of their products :D

    The most obvious thing to check for, is dead capacitors. If you see any that are ripped apart, bulged or oxidised, then replace these. This is pretty much the only thing a mortal can diagnose and fix on a mobo.
    Any other components with obvious burn marks can be replaced too, but usually there is no way to tell their values and you need pretty good skills to solder surface-mount components.
    The power network is something that a patient and knowledgeable person (with proper tools) can trace up to some point (and fix any dry joints)..

    Apart from the above, there is nothing you can do really. Any schematics, the location (and meaning) of test points and the test/repair routines are a well-guarded secret known only to the mobo maker and select partners. And what could you do if you founf the bad chip? Solder a 200-pin surface mount beast of a chip? :p
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