Major Morrowind lag

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May 22, 2007
  1. Hey, Here's the deal:

    While playing Morrowind, if I am at an interior cell, it will almost always be running at 20-90 fps, but as soon as I go outside it runs from 5-15, hardly ever 20. I really don't think it should be doing this because I play Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour at a decent speed (about 20-40 I believe), Although Company of Heroes runes at about 14 fps. I have the AI Distance at lowest it can go, and have taken off Pixel Shading, AND lowered the resolution to 800X600, yet nothing works.

    BTW: I have even used the program Game Boost set to fast due to the deal of having to buy it. Still didn't work.

    Ram: 1Gb straight from Dell
    Video Card: Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 PCI
    Processer: Pentium 3; 2.4Ghz
    Hard Drive: From Dell, but 34GB

    Also, Is 2048Mb a good Pagefile Memory setting?

    Thanks Beforehand!
  2. CCT

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  3. mopar man

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    After doing both of what you said, I STILL couldn't figure anything out, aside from the fact that it sucks (which I already knew), but a lot of people love it.

    I searched and nothing came up that I could use. I also saw that overclocking it would be a waste of time... Is that true?? I am no longer sure the exact card... whether its a 128 or 256 Mb card is unknown. How could I find out?

    I would buy a 6200 or better, if I could afford it. To tell you the truth, I can't afford anything right now, or later most likely. So anything that gets done needs to be free. Thanks!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, when running games at speeds like 20-40, it jitters/stops for a split second. Like when building on Generals, lets say it takes a second to get a percent while building, about every 5-10 percentages it takes it 1.2 and you see everything stop for a split second. It's not like lag....
  4. Route44

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    I don't think it is your P3 because I played Morrowind on a P3 1.2 without a problem and this is with a vanilla Radeon 9200. I suspect it is your graphics card. Have you downloaded and installed a number of mods? Mods can really put a hit on your GPU.
  5. mopar man

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    No, I play with NO mods because I have Dial up and don't worry about it... Although I have some that I can use... Can they be causing it? You know, the ones that are on data files?
  6. Route44

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    Unless you have installed the data files I doubt your issues are due to these files. It has been several years since I last played. Is your game patched?
  7. mopar man

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    yes it came from the GOTY edition without the expansions.....

    I didn't "install" them, but I can choose to activate them.

    Edit: I found out one thing: My 5200 is 256Mb, not 128. Thanks.
  8. mopar man

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    Haha, Sorry for the trouble.... I figured it out.

    Something this simple getting missed....tsk tsk tsk...

    I opened up nVidia control panel, and overclocked (made CNC Generals run better anyway) which did nothing for morrowind.

    I then decided "Well, might as well make sure it is not an in-game option I missed!"... Guess what? It was View Distance. It got set to its default setting (75%) which is way to much for my system...

    Thanks anyway, because this taught me something... Check in-game settings!!
  9. Route44

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    Glad it has been resolved in a simple manner. And I appreciate you telling us it is resolved because many come here, get help, but fail to tell us if it is fixed or not.

    I'm thinking of reinstalling Morrowind. I haven't played it in years and the first time I played I was far from finishing it.
  10. mopar man

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    Yes, I have noticed that with all of the old threads that end with a bunch of people helping and the topic creator vanishing.

    Oh, and one more question: Is it possible to get the expansions free legally? I bought the GOTY edition at wal-mart to find out all it contained was the game and tes construction set, without the meshes or textures. Thanks, and your welcome!
  11. Route44

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    There are tons of Mods out there that vastly improve the game on many levels. And they are free. The thing is that they are compiled in several formats: WinZip, .rar, 7-Zip, etc. Do yourself a favor and really take your time to investigate throughly before installing.
  12. mopar man

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    Ok, Thanks!
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