making a game server through st lab router problem

By wayne seaward
Mar 20, 2006
  1. b.f server not seen using st lab router!! help please

    hi folks :)

    i am very new to routers and switches and quite frankly dont understand it.

    i have two computers that i want to share 1 adsl connection.
    i was supplied an speed stream adsl ethernet modem by my administration on 1 telephone line.
    someone told me to buy a 5 port ethernet switch, which worked but only if i turned my computer on first other wise my computer would be blocked for some unknown strange reason.

    So now i have bought the ST lab 4 port router, now both computers work fine with out any installation from me, but now comes the problem

    when i set up my own server in battlefield, my server dosnt show up on the list ive tried disabling thr firewall in the st lab but it dosnt help.
    i have no problems joinning other servers, only setting up my own.
    this problem didnt happen in the switch i mentionrd earlier.
    please please help!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s sorry if ive waffled too much and not getting to the point.
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