Many reformats/Windows reinstallations = Slower and damaged PC?

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Apr 8, 2004
  1. I have recently done many, and I mean many, Windows formats and reinstallations, but wondered if the more times you do this, the slower your pc gets? I mean the more reformats the slower your pc will get?
    I mean any number, may it be 5, 10 or 50, is there a limit to the amount of times, before your pc will start slowing down? Or can you do it as many times as you want and still keep your pc in perfect condition?
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    There shouldn't be a problem with speeds, unless your HDD is going out. I wouldn't recommend doing this a lot, simply because everytime you make the heads move to format the PC just increases the chances of them going out sooner. Especially if you are doing this every month (sounds like you need to buy a legal copy of Windows XP and activate it if you are doing it that often :))

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    Reformatting has no bad effects on your hardware whatsoever (if you don't consider the boot floppy/CD getting worn out :p ). During the format process the writing is done sequentially from the beginning of the disk to the end. This is an almost ideal workload for a hard drive and wears the thing considerably less than random seeks during the normal use of the computer.
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    The truth is, although it may sound stupid, I have reformatted about 12 times in the last 2 months. I know this sounds ridiculous but it was for various reasons, so the only real damage it could possibly do is wearing out the hard drive?
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    The hard drive format wears it much less than your normal use of Windows so you are actually doing good to your hardware.
  6. Aolath

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    Thanks so much guys, you've chilled me out :D
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