map ntfs partition to "program files"

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Oct 21, 2006
  1. Will it work correctly to map an NTSF partition to program files?

    I am planning on putting my applications on a drive seperate from the OS,

    If I can map the seperate drive to to program files on the main partition it will make it easier to install my software.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I did play with this idea when I first installed a 40gb slave drive (my main drive being a small 2gb) in one of my first ever PC's andyes it worked for me, most programs lets you choose the install path, so instead of c:\program files\..... I chose d:\program files\.... , I found there were the odd one or two programs that insisted on being installed on the C: drive, but on the whole it is possible to use an alternate drive.

    I never tried it with a mapped drive however, but seeing as how mapped drives are treated as a physical drive then there should be no difference.

  3. jobeard

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    this is not mapping a remote HD, but a simple install on a non-boot partition.
    yes it works well.

    some system managers install only the OS on the boot drive and all other
    programs elsewhere (eg: d:\ ). Thus the boot drive can be backed-up
    independently and both can be managed separately.

    fyi: some admins on Unix mount a NFS drive on client systems from a common
    server so as to have a single point of maintenance -- sound great, but runs poorly,
    as programs on the mounted drive then PAGE across the networkd :knock:
  4. krismeister

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    Thats the effect I'm shooting. But, what i'm attempting to do is to, copy the entire program files directory onto the new drive, then deleting it from c: and mapping the new drive to be the "program files" directory.
  5. krismeister

    krismeister TS Rookie Topic Starter

    or even if i make a new clean install i would perfer to have it setup like above, so that i don't even have to worry about changing the c:/program files default installation directory when installing new programs.

    and was looking for someone to say if they had done it, or that its' not possible.
  6. Rick

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    I've done it. it works.

    Do a fresh install and make two different partitions. There's a registry key in Windows you can change (on the forum) which changes your default Program Files install path. Very simple and works pretty well.

    Give Windows XP at least 4GB of room, then assign the remaining space as a second partition for your Programs etc..
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