Mario, God Your an Annoying Little Plumber

By Deadcell
Aug 24, 2007
  1. Hey guys like all 13 year old boys who get bored in school with our TI-84 Calculators, we want some sweet games to pass time, like Mario. Yeah so i thought You just hook up the USB cable and downlaod the game. Then i realised there are regualr, BASIC, and Flash games. So THEN i figure i need a shell program to execute the game. So THEN i figure i first need to downlaod the latest 2.41 OS from TI. Then download either MirageOS or Ion 1.6. But anytime i try downlaoding one of these TO THE CALCULATOR (which IS properly connected), i press Open, Right click on the OS file, and click Send to TI Device. Then i choose Send to Device in the Sub-Window. I had to replace the batteries to continue, but after about 3 minutes of staying at 0% it says something like "Unexpected USB Error" and "Retry, SKip, or End." Retry doesn't fix it and Skip or End closes the windows. WTF?? Wut's wrong here? Id really like someone who has done this B4 or had this problem to reply and help me out a bit - Thanks 2 all who reply!
  2. raybay

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    Talk to some of the four and five year old boys in your neighborhood. They are the guys who play Mario and know how to repair it. The kids on my street fixed mine, then said, Gee, mister, you must be pretty stoopid.
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