masking PKL within avast AV

By ru_ready
Feb 15, 2006
  1. Hi

    With all the technology in cyberspace, and kids being kids, (no matter how much talking we do (as parents) kids seem to defy logic sometimes) and now I find myself reformatting again. Here's what I need to do.

    Running Avast AV (which i would like to continue, but will settle for a different one if I can't get thru this) I am also placeing *perfectkeylogger* onto the machine. the problem lays in the *hide* mask in Avast. its not allowing me to run stealth and keeps showing the logger on the kids' account.

    has anyone tried this before? and if so, how did you mask PKL with avast? my other options are to go with AVG or Etrust AV, prefer Avast thou.

    any advice will be accepted. if you prefer to answer in confideince and not in here, its ok to email me with replies

  2. ru_ready

    ru_ready TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22

    ** wanted to add.... full version of PKL, all options availible. :)

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