Mass Effect: Legendary Edition leak points toward March 12 release date


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Something to look forward to: The Mass Effect series will be getting a second life, of sorts, with the launch of its upcoming Legendary Edition remaster. While the exact release date hasn't been disclosed by BioWare, new leaks may have done the job for them -- for better or worse.

Two different online retailers -- the Singapore-based Shopitree and Indonesia's GSShop -- have listed a March 12 release date for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Ordinarily, retailer launch dates are rather meaningless, since they're often little more than placeholders or a company's best guess.

However, Shopitree and GSShop are the only two online shops we've seen mention this specific date (the listings have been removed now), and they aren't affiliated in any way, which means they listed the date independently of one another.

It's possible that these two retailers merely selected the same placeholder date without any inside knowledge of BioWare's actual release plans, but that seems a bit unlikely.

Fortunately, we don't have to rely entirely on speculation here: Eurogamer chimed into the conversation yesterday, effectively confirming the date: "...barring any further delays, Eurogamer understands the above date to be currently accurate," site editor Tom Phillips reports.

While there's still room for doubt, Eurogamer's leak reporting has generally proven trustworthy in the past. Of course, given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there's every possibility that the remastered trilogy won't be ready in time for March 12, but we'll just have to wait and see.

If you aren't up-to-date on your gaming news, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remaster seeks to bring this classic franchise up to snuff in modern times. No actual content is being reworked (this isn't a remake), but the visuals will be enhanced across the board, and support for high resolutions and refresh rates will be added.

Furthermore, the remaster will bundle all promo packs and single-player DLC into one cohesive package, (hopefully) making it the ideal jumping-off point for franchise newcomers.

Notably, only Mass Effect 1 through 3 will be included in the bundle. BioWare has wisely chosen to omit the controversial (and decidedly more modern) Mass Effect Andromeda from the roster here.

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"Notably, only Mass Effect 1 through 3 will be included in the bundle. BioWare has wisely chosen to omit the controversial (and decidedly more modern) Mass Effect Andromeda from the roster here."

Well, it was DEFINETLY more modern in that it was a buggy, unfinished mess with pointless forgettable content stapled on in place of proper story to give the image of a well crafteed narrative, coupled with the generic <ACTION GAME> gameplay and forgettable plot/characters/setting. It was absolutely a modernproduct ready to *consoom*.

What it wasnt was a proper mass effect game. Mass effect should have ended after ME3, the story was done. Granted ME3's ending was a bit garbage, and as a PC owner I wont be buying this collection as my old non-origin copies of 1 and 2 still work perfectly, but hopefully this will show a new generation of gamers what a good RPG looks like. Perhaps EA hav elearned that just releasing sequels in a series is not guaranteed to print money *OPTIMISTIC RATING*


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ME2 and ME3 will do fine with a graphics upgrade. But... ME1 would be the strongest title, if it wasn't for its poor performance and gameplay. So... I assume they'll handle the performance. They should have given ME1 a bit more attention for its gameplay to bring it up to snuff.


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I played Andromeda last year so it was well after it had been patched and bug fixed but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly was not sure what people were complaining about?!